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All Fudge is Gluten Free

Butter Pecan

With the same type of texture and creaminess that you’d find in a good cheesecake, our Butter Pecan gets the faintest amount of crunch from a healthy dose of pecans. Notes of brown butter and vanilla round out the bite.

All Fudge is Gluten Free

Chocolate Mint

Bright and herbal, our Chocolate Mint has notes of citrus right up front. The refreshment of the mint sends a chill straight down to your taste buds while an underlying hint of rich, dark chocolate creates balance in every bite.

All Fudge is Gluten Free

Chocolate Peanut Butter

There are two well-defined textures in our classic Chocolate Peanut Butter combination: the soft, nutty peanut butter layering against the firmer chew of chocolate. The two mingle together perfectly — not too sweet with just a hint of salt.

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